In 2003 a dream was planted in our Founder Brother Elisha’s heart to start a Home to look after orphan, poor and needy children.

After nearly four years, it came into reality. On 1st August 2006, he started aHome called LIGHT Home with a neglected boy in his parent’s two room house. They lived in one room in one room and children in another room.That humble beginning was the inception for greater works.Currently we have 55 children in our care. We provide food, shelter, clothing, education and medical supplies to children.

We try to create a community of children who feel loved, nurtured and safe. They need our love and care. Over the years we have helped children to have a hope and better future.

Ten years ago, an elderly woman (who was in her seventies) brought a four years old little girl to us. She lost both parents. Girl was pale, shy, looking so innocent and had no life on her face. She had only one long gown which was torn out. She probably didn’t where she was and why her grandmother brought her to us.

We have invited the little girl into our LIGHT Family. Manasa has received love, care, support, education and hope for the future. Now she is studying Intermediate (Year 11).

Her dream is to become teacher. She is studying well and confident of her dream to come into reality.

We have lot of children whose lives have been changed through our committed work.

Together, we can build a world where every child has the safety they deserve. Join us.